What also differs truly between the two, Custodian Guard and Space Marine, is not just their functional purpose, but the extent of their augmentation and the means by which it is accomplished. Human translations with examples: watchmen, ottenuto, the great joy, soldier of wall, hearvnto sleep,. They are armed, created and trained to be the match and the death of anything they might encounter face-to-face, be that human, xenos or machine, in any circumstance of single combat, counterattack to ambush or close-range assault. A squad of Adeptus Custodes Venatari Custodians in flight. Tested again and again, be it on alien worlds untrodden by Humanity, or within the tangled under-hives of the domains of Mankind lost to the Age of Strife, or the twisted palaces of alien warlords, the Custodians proved themselves warriors of terrifying ability. Each station is permanently attended to by high-ranking Tech-Priests and blessed to such a degree that even Contemptor Dreadnoughts can be teleported straight into battle. Yet there is no terror as pure and absolute as that invoked when the Emperor's own fury is unleashed to punish his foes. Space Marines are not easy to create. [25g] Some Custodes further protect themselves by carrying a Praesidium Shield, Storm Shield[13] or equipping themselves with Terminator Armour.[25h]. The result is the creation not simply of a preternaturally deadly fighter or master assassin -- though they can readily serve as both -- but to create a being whose perception and apprehension of threat and how to counter it is literally beyond the natural limits of man or the powers of a machine. However a handful of these aspirants survive the grueling genetic enhancements and training necessary to become a member of the Emperor's personal guard. There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get started. Seeking to strike the decapitating blow that would bring the Imperium to ruin, a vast horde of Khornate Daemons tore through the skin of reality and assaulted the Lion's Gate, initiating what became known informally as the "Second Battle of Terra." Its a state entitiy that gets its names from pseudo latinizing the most GENERAL word for directly imperial servants/employees/officials. They would also more than likely remain aloof in regards to the composition of their wargear and equipment as well as their overall tactical capabilities. The Legio Custodes, though it kept its numerical strength of ten times that number, was reforged as the Adeptus Custodes before the time of the Second Founding, becoming castellans of the Imperial Palace whose sole and solemn duty was to protect the Emperor from final death. The peerless warriors who then result from this arcane process are a rare breed indeed, and not to be squandered recklessly on the battlefield. At the climax of the Horus Heresy, the Custodian Guard fought monstrosities without number, for those in the Traitor Legions powerful enough to reach the gates of the Imperial Palace were twisted body and soul by the baleful gifts of Chaos. A Custodian Shield Company routes the forces of the Black Legion upon the Imperial world of Hydraphur during the Indomitus Crusade. After all, to keep vigil is the oath they swore to fulfil, and they have never abandoned it, even as thousands of worlds have burned. Guilliman's return came not a moment too soon, for he had not been long at his labours when the cascading fury of the Great Rift washed over the Sol System. These two ranks fulfill the roles of inspiring leaders, gifted generals and selfless champions. Since the death of Horus and the mortal wounds he inflicted upon the Emperor, the Legio Custodes, renamed the Adeptus Custodes after the Reformation of the Imperium conducted by Guilliman in the early 31st Millennium, has taken a more limited role by acting solely as the protectors of the physical form of the Emperor on Terra and the primary providers of security for the Imperial Palace. This may link to a second of the few known facts about the creation of the Adeptus Custodes: that the gene-craft and alchemistry that transforms them is as absolute as it is subtle, and worked upon the smallest conceivable microscopic level of their genome and cellular structure. It is a name spoken in reverent whispers, for these warriors have stood in the presence of the immortal Emperor of Mankind, and are charged with His protection. We are punishment inescapable. He also had a close relationship with the Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Leman Russ, although initially Russ and Valdor did not see eye to eye. Each Custodian's armour and weapons are crafted specifically for them by hand. Their numbers include variations of force, wargear and panoply such as the Sentinel Guard and Custodian Guard proper, as well as the elite Hetaeron Guard -- the most skilled fighters among a force of warriors whose martial skills are already well beyond human. The Dread Host represents a breathtaking concentration of military might. "Whatever the weapons we wield, whatever the deeds we perform, they are justified. Under normal circumstances, a Shield Company includes no more than one Shield-Captain and perhaps thirty to forty Custodians. Their words have redirected entire Crusades, and seen threats intercepted and archeotech riches won that might otherwise have passed the Emperor's servants by. Every act, thought and deed of a Custodian is made for the furtherance of the Emperor's cause, and therefore the survival of the Human race. The source of the Gene-Seed of the Custodes is a mysterious issue. As a result of the inherent difficulty of their creation, the number of active Legio Custodes warriors has never, it is believed, exceeded 10,000. In addition to this, each one is a lord of the Imperium in their own right. To their comrades there is no implication of divine intervention in this, for the Custodes have never viewed the Emperor as a god. Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes the grandest of them all. The truth will likely never be known. This price tag buys them an extra wound and an extra attack each, better melee and shooting weapons, and a bunch of stratagems only available to them. It is perhaps one of the great questions of lost history: what might have been in the wars of the Horus Heresy had the Legio Custodes not been so heavily waylaid by the disastrous consequences of Magnus' great sin on Terra and more able to take an active hand, had not so many of them been trapped for years in a terrible parallel war all but entirely hidden from the eyes of the cosmos? Mortals would fall on their faces as if before gods. Yet always the effect is the same. The Custodes' nerve center and command & control headquarters is the Tower of Hegemon within the Imperial Palace[3] while a small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor's personal bodyguard and never leave his side. To do any less is to court final defeat.". Faction: Adeptus Custodes; That would still mean that the Custodes did age and thus be a clash of canons, as pointed out by noigrim. [15g], The modern Adeptus Custodes are deployed in contingents known as Sodalities, Shield Companies and Shield Hosts. Days, months, years passed by in a frenzied blur beyond those walls, yet within, little moved and nothing changed. Largely through the efforts of the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman as the Lord Commander of the Imperium, the byzantine organisations of the Imperium were reordered in such a way as to ensure that no one faction or power could again threaten Terra or the rule of the Emperor. Their training involves mastery of the arts, diplomacy, geography, history, and countless other fields. It is an elite cadre of genetically-engineered transhuman warriors who are even more potent in combat than the Adeptus Astartes. The Adeptus Custodes, for long millennia the bodyguard of the Emperor, were charged with the unthinkable -- to leave His side and strike against those who would see the Master of Mankind dead. They were found wanting. The Aquilan Shield fight to ensure such a future comes to pass, shielding their charges from harm until the exact moment the usefulness of the person under their protection is deemed spent. Let the enemy come, let them darken the horizon with their numbers. [15c] The right shoulder guard of a Custodian's armour depicts the Imperial Aquila and all armour is adorned with precious gems harvested from the deeps of Terra and cut by skilled artisans. Immediately below the absolute authority of the Captain-General were the two Tribunes, the senior members of the Custodian Tribunate; a senior cadre of ten veteran Custodians, forming the Adeptus Custodes' council of war and policy who acted as advisors to the Captain-General. Custodes are unique as they have neither a known Primarch nor do they use Astartes gene-seed to produce their genetic modifications. You can help Lexicanum by fixing it. From outside, the organisation of the Ten Thousand seems byzantine. A Custodian Guard of the ancient Legio Custodes arrayed in his ornate golden battle-plate and armed with the signature Guardian Spear. Whether ancient relic or newly-made, these items were not only customised exactly to task, but were also produced without any regard to the consumption of resources or rarity of component or lore required; to arm and outfit the Legio Custodes to the optimum, nothing was spared. It speaks volumes about the dire condition of the galaxy that Thursk left Terra but twice before the breaking of the storm, yet he has barely set foot there since the Great Rift yawned wide.

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