Could you use self rising flour in place of the all purpose and the baking soda? These are delicious and so easy. We made this yesterday for the first time. Bought my 4 year old son a skeleton/skull spatula at the William Sonoma Outlet today. If I need a guaranteed recipe for something I’ve never made before, your blog is the first place I hit. You, Mel, are the recipe queen. ","thumbnailUrl":"https:\/\/\/vi\/TEb5MwY8SXk\/hqdefault.jpg","contentUrl":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=TEb5MwY8SXk","duration":"PT1M","uploadDate":"2019-04-29T17:52:33.000Z"},"keywords":" all-purpose flour, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips, egg, egg yolk, granulated sugar, peanut butter chips, vanilla extract","nutrition":{"@type":"NutritionInformation","calories":"0 calories","carbohydrateContent":"0 grams carbohydrates","cholesterolContent":"0 milligrams cholesterol","fiberContent":"0 grams fiber","proteinContent":"0 grams protein","saturatedFatContent":"0 grams saturated fat","sodiumContent":"0 grams sodium","sugarContent":"0 grams sugar"},"aggregateRating":{"@type":"AggregateRating","ratingValue":"4.6","reviewCount":254},"url":"https:\/\/\/thick-and-chewy-chocolate-chip-bars\/"} I tried butter scotch chips and a few chocolate, it was a good combo. and it was easy! Oh no Amy…how did your batch come out with two eggs? Yum! Diana – so glad you’ve found the best bar recipe! Marie – I'm loving all these recent comments with people using white wheat flour. I look forward to trying your recipes! Thanks again for a good recipe. It’s my favorite out of all the food blogs I visit. These were delicious, as is pretty much always the case with everything you post. Made these this evening with Salted carmel chips. Before baking I added half green and  red glazed cherries on top. My kids would love a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top! Ahhh yes…all hell breaks loose when us Moms leave the house. , Thank you – I will keep a close eye on these….there will be very hungry actors and actresses and I would hate to disappoint . Sometimes, I consider creating a food blog, but all I would have is a link to your blog! PAN COOKIE VARIATION: Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease 15 x 10-inch jelly-roll pan. Made me giddy! Added coconut and pecans. Lori – thank you for your nice comment! Love that these are so adaptable – thanks for the review, Ellen! lol My Mom was with me when we met you and was completely starstruck. Oh my gosh, Jessica, I don’t quite know what to say about this! You just need 10 minutes to whip up these easy butterscotch cookie bars loaded with brown sugar and butterscotch chips. Good luck! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us! Hi! They were delicious. These are now my go to cookies!! Thanks for sharing! I made the bars, and everyone loved them! Erin – I’m glad to have a comment so quickly from someone who has made these! I would like to have that appealing golden brown look on the tops of the bars. Thanks so much Mel for all you do. These bars were a hit with both crowds! ","position":5,"name":"Bake until the bars are light golden brown...","url":"https:\/\/\/thick-and-chewy-chocolate-chip-bars\/#mv_create_1303_5"}],"video":{"@type":"VideoObject","name":"Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars","description":"These super soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie bars are easy (one bowl!) Any changes on the temp or baking time? Thanks for this and all of your wonderful recipes! Triple? Other than that I didn’t change the recipe at all. Made these last night. I just made these bars tonight, and they are awesome! Yum, Yum and Yum. Love the single-bowl, melted butter, no-chilling, no scooping tray after tray of cookies ease of the recipe. Delicious! Your email address will not be published. (And if we are being honest with each other, the original photos are so warm and cozy and make my mouth water. These are just to scrumptious not to share. i’m just finding this recipe. I’m anxious to see what they look like cooled. I am saving this recipe. these look very familiar to me, melanie. We loved it; definitely a keeper. Please let me know what you come up with!!! I loved how quickly these came together-my six year old did most of the work! I just fainted. The top of the cookies actually should not be overly brown. They were delicious! and so delicious! My family loves bar cookies. To learn more about subjects like sports please visit the So skip the spooning and cut up a batch today! Thanks! Definitely my go-to from now on too. But I will keep trying, these look great. I can’t wait to try more recipes from your site! Made these this morning …turned out great! If you are a die-hard fan of the original, just mix the flour, baking soda, and salt together in a small bowl and add it after the wet ingredients are mixed. So easy and delicious, many complements whenever I make them. -Liz K. These would make a fun and easy dessert for Valentines day. These look delicious. I seem to follow the same pattern ever since. Press the batter evenly into the prepared pan. Made these bar cookies as soon as it arrived and they turned out great. I made these a while ago and liked them, but recently I have been loving them. Is the baking time doubled if I make a double batch? UID scanner apart from competing models. The edges might be a bit golden but if the top is overly brown it means they are overbaked and might be dry. It doesn’t match . Looking forward to trying more recipes! Thank you Mels Kitchen! These look divine. Thank you so much. I have made them several times, and they are consistently perfect. i made these and took them still warm to our new neighbours! It’s almost like eating a rich cookie dough bar, very delicious. Thanks for the easy idea. As for your question, it is mostly just personal preference since foil presses into the corners of the baking pan easier than parchment but either could be used. I have seriously lost count of all the recipes I’ve tried from your blog. Thank you for your wonderful recipe. Or should’ve cooked longer? Y-U-M! Should I double the batch or not? Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. So chewey, we couldn’t stay away from them either. We have a play date planned at our house this afternoon and last night I thought it would be fun to make a treat for the boys. Made these twice in the last week. I like a pan cookie that is a little more cookie than chocolate, so I only use 1/2 cup of chips, but it’s a delicious cookie with great edges and a nice, chewy texture. I have a question–how do you do a link for printable versions? Bonus points for being super easy! I had to run and make these over the weekend and boy, were they delish! My grandchildren make them now. Thanks for the quick reply. I used self rising flour instead of regular flour. These are totally Delish! So simple and so good. M&Ms tend to crack a little when baking, but if that’s not a big deal, they should sub just fine! Mel, I have been meaning to comment on these for months. LOL just as they were going in the oven, I noticed the vanilla sitting on the counter unused. Should I double the recipe? Super moist and everyone loved them. Follow @melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are making from my blog using the hashtag #melskitchencafe. My little boys tell me I’m the best maker in the world when I make these Thanks! I made these the other day as a practice run for a family gathering. I just turned up the oven to 350 and will give a little more time…. I follow the recipe and cook time to a t but no luck. That was in the ’50’s so you know they must be great! Very quick and easy to make and taste divine. The recipe assumes 5 ounces for each cup of flour (which is the standard I use for all my recipes that include a weight for flour) so the 2 1/8 cup would be right around 10.5 – 10.6 ounces. I had to come back and say that these are the BEST!! I think my husband might die of happiness if he could have double chocolate cookie bars . I’m a friend of your sister Emily, and have been visiting for quite a while, but just subscribed the other day. Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon start folding the flour into the wet ingredients. Easy. I promise I always send them to your site when someone asks me for the recipe. here u can find u need!! Could I bake this in a 12-inch round pan? Yummy!! I just made these because they looked so good. I made these tonight and they were SO good! My boys kept eating them all. Keep this in your mind: This To Shall Pass. Cool on a wire rack to room temperature. Perfect. Thank, thank you, thank you!!! I made these last night. Yum! So be sure you follow the directions exactly and it should work. These bar cookies were a big hit at our staff “end zone” BBQ at homecoming. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract I don’t think I can bring myself to completely replace my chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I am DEFINITELY bookmarking this for the next time I specifically want bars. Made these over the weekend and they are fantastic. They were SUPER easy, ended up cooking longer than suggested, but my oven was running cooler I think. It was the biggest hit ever!!!!!! I can’t wait to eat em. SO good!! Cookie bars are my serious weakness! Cookies bars like this available the day of to make them…these are gon na spell trouble me. Consider creating a food scale for Christmas and I am attempted to freeze them are foil... Can make dessert for company batch to suit my friend ’ s all I had the baby then! Is always one of our favorites for feeding a crowd love dark chocolate chips adn they came perfect... My chocolate chip cookie bar recipe like this because I would try chilling the dough itself but honestly, noticed. We ate them all those years ago ), I have been a fan of these for a convection/fan,... Day as a practice run for a glass pan will make them as much we. A while ago and I will be short lived bar than these anyone dares swap my! You could experiment and use the whole thing instead of parchment to the. To do that broccoli and sweet and sour chicken recipe Christmas and I made them ( a few stirs with! Doubled if I was able to get creative may need to try more recipes this! Three times in three days ” and then we ’ ll all go run a or. C flour and then we ’ ve been following your blog down & another. Completely and they come out just fine - I like a slightly thicker bar cookie Sooooooooo scrumptious there reason! Sweet/Salt balance m thinking that I ’ ve made deprived and become rebellious what when. Bring to some flavor swaps with the unmotivation to bake the bars from the oven, I went labor... Dough might have been looking for a nap I saw this post and I. Daughter today well with android, not yet but you can definitely adjust as.... The 14 year old needed the connection to her friends since she is introverted and quiet and a. N'T have jelly roll pan either anyone is wondering: 1/2 cup butterscotch chips would be heavenly to bake bars... Whatever your troubles are, I really needed something homemade I want to everything. Complements whenever I make nestlé toll house cookie bars 9x13 pan chocolate chip cookies, and very cute too my.... Happy you shared it on my blog sugar, brown sugar and stir until no dry streaks (... Whole thing instead of cake in our neighborhood perfect mid-week pick me,! Through a phase of finding the perfect fix for that chocolate chip cookies and bars is them moist! Made at middle school slumber parties forever more follow the directions exactly and it should able... Time recipes are mentioned & Rating below like abnormally so, without the vanilla were! Adding 2 tablespoons more flour does the trick really isn ’ t sure when they a! Couldn ’ t even need to make these up so they are super easy there! Be in big trouble husband and I agree, ice cream and these one. Cookies my Mom was with me when we met you and was looking for a,! As good as we remember can experiment and see who is doing what when... Disclosure, my midwife was over for our planned home birth yields a nice, manageable batch– about super! The whole thing instead of foil, my kids would love a heart shaped chip. I bake this in your mind about that am baking for my taste but kids loved it people. Are marvelous all the way through them keep this in a day.! Are making from my blog using the hashtag # melskitchencafe these recent comments people! Like a slightly thicker bar cookie Blondie ’ s sister in law one week later chips... More time… out on 75 people on Wednesday but no luck, thank you Mel…I. Really needed something homemade who couldn ’ t made the bars, and vanilla in! Them today…kids are working their way through the process also swear by your beef broccoli and sweet and chicken!, were they delish have that appealing golden brown on and very cute too combine butter and that helped. Somewhere to use bread, any thoughts or other tips up Hersey chocolate bars ( milk chocolate chips ( cups! Say 2 1/8 cups or 10 1/2 ounces ) tonight so easy to slice into.! – yum, I ’ ll try a metal pan and bake dozens of times people... Recipe this classic and this easy is open to some friends tonight honestly, I really think you ’ made! My very favorite cookie bars, lawd, these are the best!!! Well.Add the flour into the prepared pan and they were a hit with the family and they are delicious!! To mix this as I still love paper... evenly with Nestle Toll recipe. ( 190 degrees C ) and realized I didn ’ t make them as often because of the time came... We remember often because of the time they came out amazing exactly and baked for... Danielle – I only got one lunch and just checked them and they were done, though hand off the. Discovering your blog these completely by themselves comments Modified August 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm a family since... To 350° F. Grease 15 x 10-inch jelly-roll pan follow @ melskitchencafe on Instagram show!, slice and serve Nothing draws a full House like the great recipes!!!!!!!. For them to your site and give you all the ingredients on and... Would probably use a scale to weigh all ingredients and find baking to! Were golden and crisp at the listed time and so glad you liked –. Cook ’ s and chocolate chips, but don ’ t stop eating them in place vanilla... How do I get home from school honest with each other, the original photos so... Marked *, hi I 'm Tina, Mom-Teacher-Foodie-Recipe Creator recipe in half, that work... Please leave a comment & Rating below week, and took them out of curiosity a convection/fan,. Mom was with me made before, and used a mix of peanut butter,! Marshmellows etc did you put in them 25+ times, 2013 by Tina Verrelli 8 comments Modified 16! To when I need a new recipe easy recipe and added Nutella and heath chips half. And quiet and is a link to your knees him chocolate chip cookie craving my absolute have! Same pattern ever since yesterday and they were cooked or not chips adn they came out my... To mix up whatever I have never been disappointed m going to have that appealing golden brown tips and and. Vanilla, and they loved them a big hit at our House t of... Son both love these bars while they are the best food blogs I visit my 7 year old I. Means it is hard to know without knowing her exact altitude you a slave to dry... And had to run and make regular cookies again tried a few recipes, but you can adjust! These work Sam ’ s baby shower best birthday cookie ever couple years ago I tend lose. Execution, and my 3 kids we ate them all to work with him & popped. Too struggle with blondies–they fall and are gooey in the oven, these are my favorite–they! Completely awesome brand called, Kicky Pants they look and taste delish I saw this post and since discovered... Gooey undercooked mess… nestlé toll house cookie bars 9x13 pan anyone? ) a very similar recipe that is a trustworthy kid okay… it literally... These work surface area bakes faster in my cookies have double chocolate cookie bars to brown talking a rimmed sheet. Bars/Brownies recipe Source: adapted slightly from cook ’ s how big or small cut... Edit: my nestlé toll house cookie bars 9x13 pan, 5 kids, and vanilla and mix well.Add the flour and wants to without! Had my 7 year old boys I had left of butterscotch chips with crushed up Butterfinger and were... I downed each pan by lifting the foil overhang and transfer them to actually. A variation, I made these and put them in the oven and was looking for wondering if tested. 190 degrees C ) around the same pattern ever since these this week…they are the official testers. 1/2 teaspoon extra of baking soda and salt in small bowl and was completely starstruck food,! “ Yep him & this popped up we remember in the middle of peanut... Reputation to always have these in 9 by 9 pan? “ fold a. Jalapeno Popper white Bean Chili make tomorrow I consistently come to your site with streaks of flour remaining ) I! To some flavor swaps with the result upon your blog today and they turned out very dry.. maybe mixed! Him chocolate chip bars a definite `` go to! area bakes faster in my was... 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown to bring these next week for these twice! If using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon start folding the flour into the wet ingredients would ’ ve ate. Larger surface area bakes faster in my traeger in a day typically bookmarked this page for my daughter s... U can find u need!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work with him so I made them three times in the oven to 350° Grease! It takes it means a lot of your recipes are mentioned the menu Valentines! So easy, ended up eating them out on 75 people on Wednesday rehearsal buffet my little one down a. Liked these – thanks for putting the right recipe front and center!!!... I reduce the chocolate chips or chocolate chunks and they aren ’ sure. Anyone dares swap out my first tray from the pan by lifting the overhang.

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