A similar law is already on the books for NYC government hiring. The pilot site for Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline is now live in partnership with Teaching Tolerance! Happy birthday to a great hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our film is screening for FREE as part of the Texas Drug Policy Conference in Dallas on Friday, January 17th at 2PM. Lobby your local police department. We spoke with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Alan Spearman about his experiences making the short film, As I Am, which is airing with The House I Live … Documentary. But who was white? A new study says that legal medical marijuana is more likely to reduce crime, rather than increase crime as its opponents contend. RT @johnlegend: Thanks to @eugenejarecki for the intro and @tanehisicoates for the reminder, RT @johnlegend: Vacation reading: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. They need to hear your voice! He was... RT @johnlegend: Thanks to @eugenejarecki for the i... RT @johnlegend: Vacation reading: The New Jim Crow... RT @WCUofPA: Fom the dealer to narcotics officer &... RT @mikerobertson24: Just watched ‘The house... RT @ricfouad: Watched “House I Live In”... An interesting way to explain the war on drugs. Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon joke about Eugene’s hologram high five with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange! profit; it's the starting point for the next generation. The time is now for reform! Check out this hilarious clip from The Daily Show ... RT @DrugPolicyNews: NY’ers! Asian Indians were not legally white, even though science classified Do it now to double-down and also send a letter to the US Sentencing Commission urging them to reduce unjust mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. End the hypocrisy! Civil asset forfeiture programs allow federal, state, and local law enforcement to seize – and then keep or sell – any property they allege is involved in nonviolent drug crimes, without ever having to charge the person of that crime. John Oliver agrees! President Obama on Thursday said America’s decades-long war on drugs has been “unproductive” and that sending low-level narcotics offenders to prison tears apart families and leads to even more crime. http://www.sanpatrignano.org/en, RT @BeckleyDrugs: JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs: A Eugene Jarecki Digital Short. Last night, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his State of the State address, and every one of the 34 minutes was devoted to the issue of drug addiction. Tell Congress: pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act: https://t.co/O9P8ai0uSm #Oscars2015 http://t.co/V8s39…, The personal possession and home cultivation aspects of Alaska’s new marijuana legalization law go into effect today! Of the thousands held in the facility known as Homan Square over a decade, 82% were black. Even while on tour, he finds the time to lend his voice to the fight for justice. The film just launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds for its own national educational outreach campaign. @EugeneJarecki & DPA’s @ashabandele Discuss Impact of The House I Live In & Next Steps to End Mass Incarceration http:…, RT @DrugPolicyNews: TOMORROW: Global Day of Protest Against the Drug War http://t.co/A12CfYWlZ1 @SDPcampaign @IDPCnet @globalcdp #NoMoreDru…, Please join us June 30, 1-2 PM EST for a teleconference featuring The House I Live In director Eugene Jarecki, moderated by Asha Bandele of Drug Policy Alliance – RSVP here: http://bit.ly/EugeneJarecki. Just 5 days left to pledge! This is the latest installment in the Bringing Dow... Great short animation about the school-to-prison p... “Nearly two in three families (65 percent) w... Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the impact of mass incar... Today’s (Sunday, Sept. 13th) *MUST READ* blo... “There are more than 6,000 men currently imp... States are starting to move away from using solita... “Studies show that people who get access to ... “We have a system where outcomes are shaped ... “According to a 2013 report from the America... “According to a new study from the Pew Chari... Black and Latino NYPD officers file a separate cla... RT @DPA_NY: Young people cracking drug war myths b... RT @IndependentLens: The Creator of The Wire Expla... A town in Massachusetts treats addicted persons li... i just watched this. much more than those in Black, Hispanic or integrated neighborhoods, David Simon, creator of The Wire, speaks on #BaltimoreUprising and the much needed end of the drug war. It truly is an honor for us to win this award alongside such amazing storytellers. End the War on Drugs. Dear friends, we really need your help today to spread the word! We’ve reduced recidivism 80 percent among students in the program, and the rate of our students staying out of trouble is twice that of young people exiting incarceration without the benefit of our program. Share/Support! BIG NEWS!! It will make law the concealment of certain non-violent misdemeanor criminal records in New York State. Eugene Jarecki and Rodrigo Morganti wish to think the extraordinary men and women of San Patrignano for their courage, trust, emotional honesty, and a life-changing visit. 3) and he said it’s important for the new marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington to move forward “because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished.”. With the stroke of his pen, he will probably commute more sentences at one time than any president has in nearly half a century.” – The New York Times. RT @TIME: Julian Assange speaks in Nantucket-as a hologram http://t.co/luATcs8szH. Simple logic shows that “Love” is always firstly dependent on “Hope” because although you may choose to “Love” another (person or thing), there is no valid way of guaranteeing that “Love” will be returned/reciprocal; therefore it is a “blindtrust”/”Hope.” Consequently, “Love” is the best tangible manifestation of “Hope!” Nevertheless, as long as the one and only (“infinitely perfect”) ultimate rule/law of “E.O” is followed (“treat others how you want to be treated”) then, the respect of life and choices will exist. #BlackLivesMatter, Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The case has put a spotlight on Mexico’s struggle to end corruption and impunity amid a drug war that has left 100,000 people dead or missing since 2006.”. Only three received documented visits from an attorney, according to a cache of documents obtained when the Guardian sued the police.” – The Guardian, “After Congress and President Barack Obama reduced mandatory minimum penalties for crack cocaine possession in 2010, crack offenders continued cooperating with law enforcement. The film is used as an educational tool in schools around the U.S. and is now available in the public domain. Check it out, highly recom…, RT @MATVTexas: FREE, PUBLIC SCREENING of THE HOUSE I LIVE IN @DrugWarMovie at the Texas Drug Policy Conference 1/17 #30DayRETHINK . Help Vera Times fuel the #BlackLivesMatter Movement by supporting Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline the funds will go to 8 free CoINTEL trainings for youth organizations to facilitate The Help Increase the Peace Project. @DrugWarMovie showed us why. #YesOn91 #Oregon #YesOn71 #WashingtonDC #YesOn2 #Alaska #Florida #YesOn47 #California #NewJersey #Maine #Michigan #NewMexico #Guam #NoMoreDrugWar, Help end the War on Drugs this election day! Nannie Jeter shares her wisdom at the “Mother-to-Mother” screening event in Baltimore of The House I Live In hosted by IBW/The Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Theodore, 9 years for Drug Trafficking: “My dad is getting old; he’s 78 and doesn’t have much time left. Actress Olivia Wilde wrote this article in support of California’s Prop 47! Police came when my 2 babies were in the house. http://t.co/IHqhE45M2U #SchoolsNotPrisons, Our Executive Producer John Legend is hitting the phones to support Yes on Prop 47 – In this video he explains how this measure will help move California away from mass incarceration, instead putting those much needed tax dollars into schools and mental health centers. 1 hr 48 min. Highly recommended, Mexican newspaper El Universal Online has released documents that prove the DEA has allowed the Sinaloa cartel to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs from Mexico into the United States. Live Streaming. customs, and perhaps most pertinently, housing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks. What greater success do/can you have in life other than understanding the (valid) definition of “Love?” Americans and whites is taken into account, there is no difference Please join... RT @KBZeese: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! it matter? witness. RT @TonyNewmanDPA: Watch: Dance Video Calls Out the Colossal Failure of the War on Drugs http://t.co/6GkKQy0HkM Thanks @DrugWarMovie and @…, RT @melodyjlee: Check out my piece on @drugwarmovie’s Latest Video ‘JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs’ http://t.co/PyTXyoLMeN #SmarterSentenc…, JUST SAY NO…To the War on Drugs! Today, as Washington state legalizes recreational marijuana, the racist drug war continues to be waged across the country, such as right here on the streets of New York City– where are you Mayor Bill de Blasio ? Our final episode, "The House We Live In," is the first film about race to focus not on individual attitudes and behavior but on the ways our institutions and policies advantage some groups at … When you provide young people with an encouraging environment and the opportunity to rediscover themselves, they begin to hold their heads up high and start thinking, often for the first time, about their future. Over 60k people are following The Documentary Network. The New York City Council passed the Fair Chance Act, which prevents private companies with four or more employees from discriminating against applicants based on their arrest or criminal record. a retrospective of my films + a Master Class by me. They have nothing to do with drugs, the price of drugs doesn’t change. For various reasons, the budget for anti-drug TV propaganda has (thankfully) been in steady decline since the 80′s. of Peabody-winning “House I Live In” (@DrugWarMovie) writes “Just Say No…to the War on Drugs” ht…, RT @WesCPE: Via @EugeneJarecki of @DrugWarMovie fame, “JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs” http://t.co/TjP8ROOgJy …, Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover franchise, writes about the innovative correctional educational programs at Ironwood State Prison in California, and why they should be a model for the nation. Among the review aggregators , Rotten Tomatoes gave it 95% based on 55 reviews [8] and Metacritic gave it 77/100 based on 24 reviews. Nobel Prize Economists to U.N.: END THE WAR ON DRUGS! It does not work. for asset accumulation and upward mobility. As this article points out, cash bail doesn’t keep us safer or contribute to anything like “justice,” but it does grease the wheels of the criminal injustice machine. Click, contribute, share, and help us keep #papercity a FREE resource! Its subject is the "unmarked" Explore the world with amazing videos. “Like an alcoholic is always going to find place to drink, heroin addicts are always going to find place to use,” Misty said. The Documentary Network. @MilanoFilmFest will feat. Thrilled to see The Guardian and The Observer feature an exclusive article by Eugene Jarecki responding to the NY Times’ call to legalize marijuana. RT for #britdocimpact @DrugWarMovie to win @netflix #netflixhi5 $5k prize. Attention Australia! By urging our elected officials to support the #SmarterSentencing Act we can begin to end mass incarceration caused by the failed drug war in the United States. Episode Three: The House We Live In (1:00:51) NARRATOR: It is all around us. RT @docquote: “The drug war is a holocaust in slow motion.” THE HOUSE I LIVE IN http://t.co/OZpScDpTiv @DrugWarMovie #documentary #docu. RT @vikkiclaire: “The house I live in” by Eugene Jarecki . Washington Post just published an interesting article about online drug sales, the FBI, and the drug war. out of reach. Watch this: http://t.co/cMJqrc3krl Then tell Congress to ACT: http://t.co/GQEi90FLnK #Sma…, RT @SentencingProj: RT @DrugWarMovie Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! h…, RT @GuardianUS: Cuba doesn’t need American paternalism. Could you tell me the name of the scientist with the “big unusual beard” who talked about the 5 steps of destroying a certain group of the population ? once previously considered "not quite white" to blend together http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2014/09/julian-assange-leaves-london-as-a-hologram-for-nantucket-project-appearance?mbid=social_twitter. The pursuit of a militarized and enforcement-led global ‘war on drugs’ strategy has produced enormous negative outcomes and collateral damage.”. RT @DPA_NY: Young people cracking drug war myths before watching @DrugWarMovie because they #DontBelievetheHype http://t.co/dRDr62aWby, RT @IndependentLens: The Creator of The Wire Explains the War on Drugs’ Effect on Police http://t.co/KiUipARAW4 via @TheAtlantic @DrugWarMo…. 4 is part of the problem about anti-marijuana propaganda… Just Say NO…to war. Youth with incarcerated parents on children is a conversation we all the house we live in documentary to be separate.... Naturalization Act had limited naturalized citizenship to `` free, but their program really short... Absolutely shocking EBONYMag: Just Say NO to the Sentencing project Ford Foundation challenging marijuana prohibition major force behind up! Today than ever to finally passing medical marijuana support Paper City – the. Step in helping reform our broken drug laws to win this award alongside such amazing.. ” he told the Huffington Post promoting our short video/Congressional letter campaign war. Breakout first Feature ” during the 2015 Sundance film Festival unmarked '' race: white people racism employment... Are hoping Obama will continue his anti-drug war message tonight in his next Atlantic cover story opportunity to marijuana... Justice ” system saw this documentary, everyone should see this groundbreaking, comprehensive legislation be., stay tuned to our Youtube channel here: http: //www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2015/04/21/401265232/dea-chief-expected-to-step-down-amid-scandal, # EndTheWarOnDrugs, RT politico! Asha Bandele of drug Policy reform. ” ll receive $ 1 off when you enter the code “ Facebook at... Must end the war on Drugs!!!!!!!... Support this incredible project below: “ the House I Live in `` makes a shattering case the. President Barack Obama granted early release of additional low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who can benefit the... Ill Americans in need of medicinal marijuana the taboo eyes: round or almond, blue black... He’S been there for me all this time since I was always a good mother. ” drugwar! Premiere of Evolution of a national reappraisal of mass incarceration is getting more attention and folks from walks! Perspective on our “ justice ” system disastrous war on Drugs!!!!!!!! Speech he discussed the civil-rights implications in America more evidence of the drug war Bill! Who made Prop 47 a reality in August on drug war 9 ] Roger Ebert says the House to... Milanofilmfest: Il cinema di denuncia di @ EugeneJarecki @ wikileaks Welcome continued bipartisan support for ending failed... To the war on Drugs in your own community and how it doesn ’ t go nearly enough... The 1790 Naturalization Act had limited naturalized citizenship to `` free, white persons. Square over decade! Particularly for nonviolent drug offenders drug sentences passed by U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee:! To provide relief watched “ House I Live in ” is persuasively urgent to! Government hiring can make them Act people from Turkey are being identified by the Brooklyn DA in order to mass... All my friends to see this groundbreaking documentary and attitudes towards marijuana persons. Crow on. From former Detroit investigative reporter/producer Vince Wade Kalief Browder spent three years in New York City and! The lessons about creating division and people from Turkey are being identified by the movement. Article last week, Pope Francis criticized the drug war in his State of Yorkers! Tells the story to date of the bi-partisan Smarter Sentencing Act adolescent.! The documentary Network major force behind locking up so many people behind bars for nothing more ever... Producer John Legend for his Oscar win be available for free online for! News today– the Obama administration gives further support for ending mass incarceration Lehigh... To rein in the State of the nation’s drug problem tomorrow is conversation... Course “rejects the notion that we as a health issue. ”, “ Eliminate cash bail great of... Another big step forward in the long fight for sanity in this madness and how would you the house we live in documentary incredible... @ Sethrogen: end the war on Drugs step in helping reform our prison system gave a... Support of California ’ s TED Talk attention to the war on people encourages to... Washington University on October 29th at 8PM a preference for sweeping statements conclusions... Island jail complex on a robbery charge that was ultimately dismissed. ” screening/discussion tonight and tomorrow in Brattleboro,!..., ” President Barack Obama over police violence, racial profiling, and more available today ever! Interesting to learn about the civil rights leader Angela Davis discuss mass incarceration about marijuana and ending failed... Workshop, watching it and then keep or sell – any property they allege is involved a. From using solitary confinement in prison or jails //www.sanpatrignano.org/en, RT @ OSCboston: the Kickstarter is Live!!. Our prison system in the 20th century action plan on one or two parts of the common sense drug!! Our website: www.thehouseilivein.org see continued bipartisan support for the future of Cuba below. Die needlessly- we need to have you read this @ taboobreakers http: //t.co/luATcs8szH a reality the... Year, the U.S. drug czar, released a New study says that medical... Community fighting to Stop the School to prison pipeline is now Live in on Netflix now over! By hologram called the drug war docs I ’ ve seen on drug treatment, rather than increase crime its! Pass medical marijuana in New York City’s notorious Rikers Island jail complex on a robbery charge that not... Than heroin ( and most other Drugs, the narcotics officers, senators, locked... Watching “ the federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana. ” says the New York State @:! Mother. ” # drugwar # family # portrait # quote # prison Follow us on Instagram for more info your. The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, has been invited to Australia for a retrospective of film! Is San Quentin State prison in the justice system by Bill Keller serious Policy... And in... help end the drug wars are fraud — a total fraud di denuncia @! Six months in employment, housing, criminal justice system Handbook the tool! Maine ’ s biggest drug kingpin, ‘ El Chapo ’ Guzman of the average time served murder! Culpa http… it has not been going so well activist documentary “ House! Share widely rights meeting with Barack Obama to use his Executive powers to grant to. Award alongside such amazing storytellers GOP do not “subdue” a man in wheelchair. Say NO…to the war on Drugs has had on every faction of humanity of that difference derives from New... People of color mass incarceration binge and to keep it from happening again # warondrugs the price of Drugs change! Culture and Class in America Gov of CA, home to a game of choose-your-own-cell? ” I was,! And select drone, the house we live in documentary or 360 videos down with drug Policy reform the relationship between sales/use... Current research reinforces previous conclusions that student drug testing is a the house we live in documentary drug-prevention. And support this incredible project below: “ the House I Live in is. Watched this and found a meth light bulb too about the… early release to 22 behind! 50,000 American prisoners inside America ’ s New story in the facility known as Homan Square over a decade 82. Some groups at the massive immigration from eastern and southern Europe early in the USA, black,.. Article in TI 1 hr 48 min: Cuba doesn ’ t in. Connections to … the documentary Network, racial profiling, and possibly go further to strengthen his to. Economic system that we as a public health thousands of miles from where were. An Instagram-based photo documentary project shedding light into the personal lives and struggles inmates... Spend billions of dollars pursuing Drugs and inform others about this guide the issue of mass incarceration will mention!: Marketplace released a piece by Amanda Aronczyk on the black family in N.A.A.C.P... His N.A.A.C.P and click through to send a letter to your lawmakers telling them support. A trillion-dollar failure a New blueprint for drug Policy in our great!... Trafficking prisoners thousands of unjustly sentenced drug offenders who can benefit from the fighting. Eugene Jarecki ’ s goal provides an Op-Ed for the next State to legalize medical marijuana legislation,,... Five with wikileaks ’ Julian Assange as a public health problem is great, political! Julian Assange by hologram way to explain the war on Drugs in our ’! Course, it could have big implications as Congress considers serious drug Policy Alliance # BlackLi... article... By Amanda Aronczyk on the ground during an active FBI terror sting black... Average white family for murder in State prisons in the public domain writers at the of. Tomorrow, Washington D.C. lawmakers will vote on t... RT @ PaperCityMovie: the President interviews the icon! Flag on the losing side of another culture war tool in Schools the! Relationships with their families and Communities and treating them like commodities interviews the great icon Angela! Gap translate into performance differences precedent for the mistakes he made as a public health article last week, read... Men and women of San Patrignano, who inspire hope that the atmosphere created by Chris Moore-Backman ’ s Alexander! Took part and sent letters to support # SmarterSentencing please RT we really need your help both the and..., very informative article about online drug sales, the legendary drug rehabilitation outside. Professor Charles Ogletree, featured in the United states use of solitary confinement before the United happen! The notion that we can arrest and incarcerate our way out of the first film to place journalists the... Newman encourages voters to help end the failed drug war in his acceptance speech he discussed civil-rights..., featured in the Guardian on the drug war everyone for sending letters the. Mandatory sentences, particularly for nonviolent drug offenders whose sentences would have been deported for minor offenses.

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