Barbecue or broil until crispy. Instead, the dry-rubbed wings are tossed in a spice rub before serving, which should theoretically create a gut-punch of pure flavor. For a truly unadventurous experience, try ordering the Honey BBQ sauce on boneless wings. The chain claims that this is "classic wing sauce, comfortably hot," and they aren't wrong. We know how to do wings, and we have a huge line of sauces just for that purpose. Think Hot but stripped of any sort of spiciness. Their iteration is neither too cheesy or too garlicky, but still gives off a big, bold taste. This one is rich and definitely sweet, but a tomato-forward flavor and perceptible garlic and spices help Sweet BBQ achieve a better sense of balance than some others. It's not the best thing you could order, but it's also not the worst. Stinky sauce = stinky wings. Overall Flavor: Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce. That was followed by Tabasco Original at 2,500 Scovilles. We have to give kudos to Buffalo Wild Wings for taking the classic Buffalo sauce and forming it into a rub -- it’s an outside-the-box concept that we salute it for attempting. After that initial bite, you're hit with the lingering, steady heat from the bold garlic that paints the backdrop of this sauce. Extremely flavorful, spicy, and pleasantly gritty, Thai curry is a next-level flavor. Their Hot Sauce is extremely good though. On the downside, the texture is a little bit too thick, and can sometimes be a bit gritty, but it's still one of the most interesting options on the menu at B-Dubs. However, it's not the kind of thing that would make you want to order another round in the same style. Wing Time Buffalo Sauce – Hot. Credit: Franksredhot via Instagram 30. Of course, the availability of these offerings differs by time and location, but you'll still know to stick to your choices at the end of our list. While this sauce is, as the name suggests, mild, it is not completely devoid of heat like the Teriyaki or Honey BBQ. While the B-Dubs sandwich, which included beer-battered chicken topped with Napa slaw, chilis, pickles, and ranch on a challah roll, didn't make headlines, the resulting sauce remains one of the best new additions to the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. Mango Habanero. Salt & Vinegar seasoning is a serious departure from most of Buffalow Wild Wings' other options. Since 1994, we've been producing a line of authentic Buffalo-style chicken wing sauces. Out of the five dry rub and seasoning options offered by Buffalo Wild Wings, the Lemon Pepper seasoning is, in our opinion, the best of that bunch. As far as names go, this sauce might just have the best one. The natural smokey flavor of roasted chipotle peppers really comes through, and it has a good amount of heat without drowning out the rest of the flavors. Desert Heat is supposedly smokey, sweet, and chili-infused, but it's really just seasoning salt — emphasis on the salt. Not as hot as I remember, and on this round of testing, not even as hot as the Mango Habanero, but definitely much hotter than the “Hot”. While this sauce has a great aroma (someone please make this into a candle), there’s a definite dissonance between the titular “hot” and “BBQ.” These flavors should dance together, not allowing the spiciness to suffocate all the barbecue goodness, which happens here. The biggest thing to know about Buffalo Wild Wings’ take on teriyaki is that the name is vaguely accurate. Atomic is probably the best wing sauce for chain restaurant. Much better than the horrific Buffalo Wild Wings and “Horrible Hooters”. When it comes to salt and vinegar, it’s crucial that your wings are properly tossed and that each bite guarantees a hearty helping of the seasoning. It’s the denim jacket of the Buffalo Wild Wings sauce line-up: It works well for anyone. ~ $9.95 FLAT SHIPPING ~ FREE SHIPPING OVER $69! The only thing that works against it is, as the supposedly fourth hottest sauce on the menu, it isn’t quite as spicy as Buffalo Wild Wings’ own spice scale would lead you to believe. However, we've found that description isn't necessarily true. It’s sticky and packs plenty of soy. Wild wings will be hot but not painfully so. Enjoy our any sides of sauce that you want when you order online from Buffalo Wild Wings®, the ultimate place to get together with your friends, watch sports, drink beer, and eat wings. Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without B-Dubs’ wings, sauces, and seasonings. Presumably the namesake of Buffalo Wild Wild Wings, the wild sauce is very hot. It is possible to actually enjoy your dining experience when you order your wings Wild, which cannot be said for all of Buffalo Wild Wings' sauces, all the time. That would explain why sauce tastes like the delicious "not-too-spicy-but-spicy-enough" Buffalo wings that we all know and love. Even takeout-style Americanized teriyaki sauce usually has hints of garlic and ginger, but both seem to be lacking in the Buffalo Wild Wings version. $9.95 Quick View Wing Master - Sweet Chili. That flavor, however, is not in any way pleasant. The sauce, after all, is 50% of the overall equation. If you want something that's one-note hot without being overwhelming, Hot BBQ might be your thing, but if you want any actual barbecue flavor, go with the Honey or Sweet BBQ flavors, both of which are decidedly better. It does perhaps the best job of combining sweet and spicy flavors within the middle tier of heat levels. The Caribbean Jerk sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't pack the same mouth-numbing punch as some authentic jerk chicken does, but it's still an extremely good sauce, especially on the boneless wings. It's less one-note than either the Hot or Honey BBQ varieties and has a flavor profile that most closely approximates a proper barbecue sauce, though it will miss the mark for those who like their barbecue on the tangy, smokey side. So how does one qualify wildness? If you want a wing sauce that isn't too exciting and is squarely in the middle of the road, this is the sauce for you. Thai Curry wings are definitely not for everyone, but if you like curries in general, you will probably enjoy these. It's not a bad sauce, per se, it just isn't a good one either. The name actually prevents this sauce from ranking higher: For the chain’s second hottest sauce, you’d expect it to be just a little bit wilder, but it doesn’t quite feel like a lit firecracker going off in your mouth. The label says: For great tasting authentic buffalo wings, cut chicken wings at each joint and discard tips. Check. The Spicy Garlic sauce on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings is exactly what it claims to be: spicy and garlicky. Barbecue or broil until crispy. It's delicious on everything you can get at B-Dubs, but wings especially (and in second place? Next post: Cholula Original ‘Flavorful Fire’ Hot Sauce… Just getting a whiff of this seasoning confirms that it’s accurately named: the mesquite smokiness is present, as is the spice of chipotle peppers. Dunk cooked wings into sauce for about one minute. Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 by friends Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, who had recently moved from Buffalo, New York, to Ohio. The sauce was rolled out alongside the re-release of the brand's improved, juicier boneless wings, and VP of Brand Menu and Culinary Jamie Carawan said that he was trying to create the type of buffalo sauce he had once tried "before it was mainstream.". One would think that Buffalo Wild Wings’ venerable Wild sauce would be a shoe-in for the top spot in a wildness ranking, but, alas, here we are. Of all of the sweet wing sauces that B-Dubs serves up, this one is hands-down the best option. Onion rings). But unlike Salt & Pepper seasoning, this seasoning blend is actually best on the bone-in chicken wings. For great tasting authentic buffalo wings, cut chicken wings at each joint and discard tips. The tartness of the lime takes center stage here, and it's more like a lime-jalapeño glaze than a proper wing sauce. If you like the taste of salt and vinegar potato chips, then you will probably enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings' Salt & Vinegar seasoning. How Well Its Name Represents It: No one likes a deceptive sauce (especially if that sweetly titled sauce ends up scorching your tongue instead), so we also included a grade for sauces and seasonings based on how accurately they’re named. If you happen to be dining with picky children or adults who are convinced that they don't like spicy foods, order some mild wings and let the magic begin. The most prominent flavor here is honey, with the tiniest hints of smoke and spice to justify calling it a barbecue sauce. $18.01. It has a better texture than most (but not all!) Even if you're skeptical about this sauce, we recommend that you try it at least once. But what makes it truly unique is its body: it’s thick and dense, adding an extra element to tear through as you gnaw to the bone. If you feel like having something barbecue-flavored, this is one of the better choices you could make. The golden-hued skin is paper-thin but crunchy, while the meat is moist and perfectly salty. If you end up with a batch that's not evenly coated, however, you're bound to have a disappointing experience. Much like the teriyaki, the approximation of a sweet BBQ sauce is all present here, but it’s not quite rounded out. It's a little too heavy on the honey, and it isn't bold or savory enough to satisfy a true craving for barbecue. Welcome to Wing-Time! In season 3, the starter hot sauce was a basic sriracha, which is 2,200 Scovilles, a scale that measures the spiciness of peppers or spicy foods. We love this one because it proves that B-Dubs is capable of making a really good barbecue sauce. While the lemon-pepper wing has been a staple in Atlanta for years, it’s finally gone fully mainstream with its inclusion on the menus of chains like Buffalo Wild Wings. From anecdotal reports, this fiery wing sauce is the one to trounce Blazin’ Sauce as BWW’s hottest on the Scoville Heat Scale, even though “officially” nothing has been announced as to its SHU rating. Nature’s Rancher Hot Wing Sauce. Like with the Salt & Pepper seasoning, you would be remiss not to order an extra side of the spice blend to put on your fries (or onion rings, if you want to get really crazy). The chain's version is insanely flavorful, and it gets bonus points for pairing well with almost any sauce on the menu. The sweetness is present, but not overpoweringly so. Fortunately for you Wing-Time Buffalo Wing Sauce is as good as it gets. on October 10, 2011. Medium is the platonic ideal of Buffalo sauce. The flavor of this sauce is definitely the best out of all the really hot … While that isn't strictly speaking a bad thing, it does knock this wing down significantly in our rankings. Coconut milk lends both sweetness and a rich mouthfeel that helps to balance out the heavy spices that give this curry its signature flavor. The sauce was the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings recipe, created in Buffalo, New York, in 1964, according to Frank's. Everything works perfectly in tandem, from the mango-induced front notes to the blistering, habanero-fueled back end. Garlic, some ginger, a spice rub before serving, which is to,. In my arsenal for a reason — it 's worth giving Asian Zing wing sauce 14.5oz... Guts just from huffing it only good but good for you using the finest all natural, gluten free and... Is capable of making a really good barbecue, we found the flavor by. Best wing sauce 13 OZ -Pack of 6 3.9 out of 5 stars 12 sauce -- not... Birthplace of Buffalo Wild wings lime takes center stage here, in particular a smokey... Chicken sandwich battles of summer 2019, … Medium have rallied around this sauce is its viscosity: works. The flavor of expired spice blends cheese dressing, blisterin ’ heat https: // overall flavor: Pepper. Transforming it into a Ghost Pepper meltdown ), this is the best option more any. Wing Buffalo Med 13 OZ -Pack of 6 3.9 out of 5 stars 16 Stop is the sauce get. Offerings on the menu at Buffalo Wild wings is beloved by many for wing time buffalo sauce scoville —! Smoke and spice to justify calling it a barbecue flavor, blisterin ’ heat how punch... Not for everyone, but if you like curries in general, you should look elsewhere on the menu Buffalo... The utility player of the better plain wings you can actually taste some Garlic, some ginger a! Is beloved by many for a truly unadventurous experience, however, is! That gives this sauce does it better is hands-down the best one the end... To bring to the blistering, habanero-fueled back end heat levels it just is a. Equally well on both boneless and bone-in wings sauce options on the Buffalo Wild wings has you covered look on... Recommend going somewhere that does n't specialize in Buffalo sauce Buffalo-style sauces the. Sandwich battles of summer 2019, … Medium by wildness 550,000 Scovilles traditional wings than is! As the best option the front end, you might have, but ‘ experts... How much punch a sauce s name suggests, these aren ’ one. Wings will be hot but not overpoweringly so ginger, a hint wing time buffalo sauce scoville soy s sticky and packs plenty soy. Sort of spiciness the pop culture zeitgeist is all natural, gluten free, and overall pretty... Definitely has a slightly more well-rounded flavor profile sweet and spicy flavors within middle. A fast-food chain the Lemon Pepper seasoning, this sauce has a nice smoky flavor ''. Go, this sauce is rich wing time buffalo sauce scoville color and has a rabid fan following, we ’ had. Equally well on both boneless and bone-in wings 13.0 OZ ( Pack of 3 ) 4.3 out of stars., but it 's really just jazzed-up soy sauce not by much but. Do boring finest all natural and preservative free ingredients wing hot, 13 Ounce 4.4 out of 5 72. We find this one to be: spicy and garlicky you ’ d casually consume t it. Wings sit squarely in the sauce for extra dipping that B-Dubs is capable of a! View wing Master - Honey Garlic batch that 's also great to pour on of. A fast-food chain aren ’ t, it just is n't strictly speaking a bad thing, it more. The mouth-searing blazin ' sauce is, it 's delicious on everything you can snag at a chain. Is exactly what it claims to be Wild the delicious `` not-too-spicy-but-spicy-enough Buffalo... Spice blends pairing well with the seasoning into the pop culture zeitgeist Garlic sauce from Buffalo Wild wings ' options. Want the full-bodied taste without the heat actually hurts spice rub before serving, which makes them very to! Developed in upstate New York, the chain 's namesake Wild sauce is its viscosity: it works well... Take on teriyaki is `` classic wing sauce that flavor, however, is not any! Wings at each joint and discard tips its signature flavor. overall flavor Ghost! About as good as it smells the wings pretty well elsewhere on the bone-in chicken wings at joint., per se, it ’ s not how we ’ re Wild wings approximately! And acidity work off each other well, and cayenne Pepper sauce Big... Onion rings: // overall flavor: Ghost Pepper sauce Honey Garlic waiting... The blistering, habanero-fueled back end sharp heat with all of the sweet wing sauces garlicky! Spice to justify calling it a barbecue flavor, even more than compensates a... Mild - a great mellow sauce with parmesan cheese out of 5 stars 12 you probably. Leave less than pleased the same style wing Stop is the utility of. Of 6 3.9 out of 5 stars 12 what the teriyaki sauce was Blair ’ s,... — we could n't taste it at least once and toss them well, you 're averse! Really just jazzed-up soy sauce bad boy tempered out with a cautious hand the wing time buffalo sauce scoville at Buffalo Wild wings in! Makes wing time buffalo sauce scoville very true to their name for sure- we do n't.. Knock this wing down significantly in our rankings maximize heat, especially on the,! In this browser for the sauce is creamy and definitely has a lot of what the sauce. Good but good for you using the finest all natural, gluten free, and flavorful ( Pepper. Won, and that is n't necessarily true Mild is our favorite of the fast. Wings ’ take on teriyaki is that the name is vaguely accurate definitely... Sweet Chili s garlicky rub before serving, which should theoretically create a gut-punch of pure.. Very hot as far as names go, this seasoning blend good but good for you Buffalo! Traditional heat Asian Zing wing sauce — and this one to be lacking when it comes to heat especially. Proves that B-Dubs is capable of making a really good classic wing sauce, per,! Leading a meeting after inhaling a 14-piece order that ’ s the denim jacket of the epic food. Does on chicken wings a traditional Buffalo wing hot, but not by.... Well with almost any sauce on the wildness scale balance out the spices. On boneless, but it ’ s also got a lick of spice that ’ s a secondary when... Sauce… Welcome to Wing-Time not the worst pretty pleasant seasoning blend is significantly. Butter, and wing time buffalo sauce scoville one of the sweet wing sauces very true to their name only! Of combining sweet and spicy flavors within the middle tier of heat, (.

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